Heroes: Bowie and Bush


There’s little left to say about David Bowie after the media coverage of the last week, but here are two brief thoughts.

First, I’ve been struck by how many people have cited him as their inspiration, the person who gave a voice to their teenage self and inspired them in their creativity, expression and individuality.

I can identify with the sentiment, but it’s not Bowie for me (although the Ashes to Ashes video is possibly my favourite of all time).  Whenever my teenage self needed to be inspired (or, for that matter, re-set), I turned to the music of Kate Bush, another artist who refuses to be stereotyped and who continues to push creative boundaries.

Secondly, why is high praise reserved for when people are dead? I’ve noticed this, too, when people I know have died.  A flood of tributes, thanks, accolades and even basic acknowledgement is available at exactly the time someone is no longer there.  What a difference it would make to people if friends, colleagues and others said how wonderful they are when they’re alive to hear that.

Just two thoughts to add to the deluge of tributes and the wide-ranging commentary following the death of a remarkable artist.

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