Brexit: a political merry-go-round


A short entry this week:  put it down to being bothered and baffled by Brexit shenanigans.

My understanding is that there was a referendum to placate the Eurosceptics in the Conservative party and decide the UK’s position in Europe once and for all.  We’ve had that referendum.  The result is to leave the EU.  But Eurosceptics are arguing for “hard” Brexit, rather than “soft” Brexit, and the Conservatives are starting to turn themselves inside out over Europe all over again.

But it’s been a good week for the Liberal Democrats.  They kept few seats in last year’s general election after being tainted by five years of coalition (and a nasty U-turn on tuition fees), but overturned a majority of 23,000 in a by-election to defeat a Brexiteer.  Too much anti-Brexit sentiment could be read into the result, but that hasn’t stopped the press seeing the result through a Remain/Leave lens.  The only certainty is that the Government won’t want to call a general election any time soon.

And the Government’s Brexit powers have been back in court today, this time before all eleven justices of the Supreme Court.  At stake:  whether the Government can trigger article 50 or whether that requires Parliament’s approval.

Brexit was always going to be messy and protracted, but I suspect we’ve hardly scratched the surface of the chaos yet.

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